Washington DC, Part One

A few months ago Adam suggested that the entire family accompany him on a business trip to Washington DC.  As a former east coast girl I readily agreed.  The trip soon expanded to include New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.  Thus was born the McLane Summer Vacation of 2009 during which our sanity was hotly debated.

Getting There

Adam’s flight arrangements were made through his company so the kids and I flew on our own.  I opted for the red-eye flight.  My theory was that if I was going to fly alone with two kids, I might as well travel while we they more likely to pass the time sleeping.   Between a ridiculously cold cabin, uncomfortable seats that would not recline, a snoring man in front of me, and an inconsolable baby a few rows up…well, let’s just say that it was a long night.  Kudos to Megan and Paul for being excellent travelers – they slept through most of the flight.

Great Expectations

Megan and Paul had high hopes of meeting President Obama – or at the least a play date with Sasha and Malia.  Not so much (though we did see Bo).  They settled for this instead:

Playing in the Sprinklers, National Mall