In Which It Never Okay To Lock A Female In Her Office As A Practical Joke Or Otherwise

Have you ever wondered how you would react in a potentially dangerous situation?  This morning I got real life experience and I’m happy to report that my natural instincts kicked in.

My day started out as normal.  I left for work earlier than usual because our computer guy was arriving first thing in the morning to work on a project.  My co-worker had a morning appointment and needed me to unlock the office.  I work in a small office and I am careful to keep the door locked when I am working alone.  My office is a rental unit in a larger office building and it would be easy for someone to walk in off the street.  So when Mr. Computer Guy (whom I’d met before) knocked on the door I naturally unlocked the door and let him in to do his thing.  I went back to my desk.

About five minutes later I heard a second knock on the door.  Not expecting anyone else, I walked to the door only to find an unknown man standing in the reception area.  I quickly scanned his clothing for identification and it was clear that he wasn’t a delivery person.  I asked why he was standing there.  He mumbled something to the effect of “I’m here to install the cable for Mr. Computer Guy.”  It was then that I noticed that Mr. Computer Guy had left the office and that I was all alone with a stranger (I’ll call him Creepy Guy #1).  I was almost put at ease by the fact that Creepy Guy #1 knew Mr. Computer Guy’s first name.

That is until…

Creepy Guy #1 walked between myself and the door and proceeded to lock the deadbolt.  That would be about the time that my adrenaline started pumping!  I quickly unlocked the deadbolt and asked accusingly, “Why did you lock the door?”  I was simultaneously urging myself to get out of the office as quickly as possible.  Non-criminal cable guys do not lock deadbolts.  As I opened the door I saw that a second stranger was standing in the doorway talking on his cellphone (Creepy Guy #2).  I quickly stepped into the hallway and made my way towards the exit doors which face a busy street.  Meanwhile, Creepy Guy #1 is trying to explain that he locked the door to play a practical joke on Creepy Guy #2. When Creepy Guy #1 saw that I was getting the heck outta there, he and Creepy Guy #2 exited the building through the back staircase.

Now what?  I really didn’t have a plan other than leave.  I was at least relieved to discover that my cell phone and car keys were in my pocket.  I started dialing 911 but I changed my mind after the creepy guys left.  I called my husband instead.  He advised me to wait in my car until my co-worker arrived.  It was good advice but first I wanted to retrieve my purse from my office.  The last thing I wanted to do was walk into an empty office by myself so I knocked on the door of a neighboring office and asked if someone could go with me.  While I was explaining the situation, Mr. Computer Guy reemerged.  I shared my story and it turns out  Creepy Guy was the cable guy he had hired.  Mr. Computer Guy called Creepy Guy #1 and confirmed my story.  Creepy Guy still tried to say that he locked the door as a practical joke.  Well, umm, not funny.  Mr. Computer Guy went back to work in my office.  I retrieved my purse and waited in the hallway until my co-worker and boss arrived.

In case you are wondering, Creepy Guy is not invited back to finish the job.