Daily Archives: June 20, 2009

May Gray & June Gloom

June Gloom

You may be under the impression that San Diego has perfect weather year-round.  Chances are then you have not heard of May gray & June gloom.  It’s a dirty little secret if you ask me.  During these two months the weather might be a perfect 68, minus sunshine.

June gloom has mentally thrown me for a loop.  In my mind June, the month of my birthday and wedding anniversary, is supposed to be warm (one might say muggy), with the occasional thunderstorm, and bursting with sunshine.

Not so much here in SoCal.  The redeeming factor for me is that there is always something in bloom on the ground to drown out the gray skies above.  This is a picture taken from my back yard.  A colorful treat in these parts are the purple-flowering Jacaranda trees.  They are literally everywhere and they make me happy (how could a purple tree not make you happy?).