Camp Rodeo

I have a gazillion vacation photos to sift through and write about.  In the meantime, the kids are settling into a summer routine.  On the menu this week is Camp Rodeo, a  neighborhood day camp organized by our church, Harbor Church, and World Impact.  Megan and Paul’s smiling red faces at the end of each day (yes, even with careful application of sunscreen) say it all.  Camp Rodeo is awesome.

One reason for the awesomeness are the high school summer interns, also from the neighborhood, who are serving as camp counselors.  I asked Paul what he thought of his counselor and he had this to say, “He didn’t yell at us.”  (Hmm, I hope that isn’t saying anything about mom…)  Seriously though, his counselor exhibits great character considering his six hour day with a rowdy bunch of six year old boys.  Thank you Camp Rodeo!