Daily Archives: December 16, 2013

The Secret Christmas Gift

I have to get a christmas present for my husband – one of the most difficult people to choose something for as he is very choosy. He often tells me not to buy him anything and that he prefers to buy his own stuff, usually only after doing weeks of ‘research’! Every year we get round this dilemma by him telling me exactly what he wants for Christmas once he’s done his extensive research and then we usually end up going out and buying it together! Now where is the fun in that? This year i decided to surprise him with a secret gift that he will definitely not be expecting and that has been well-‘researched’ as he likes to put it!

So what to get as my secret gift to him? He has been going on for a while now about getting new saws for his workshop as he is very much into woodworking. He uses some very old equipment that he inherited from his late father and he is always complaining when the now ‘ancient’ table-saw has a problem – which, believe-you-me, is quite often. He has just recently finished his ‘research’ on which table-saw to get and has decided that the Dewalt DW745 is the one I’m supposed to buy him for Christmas, I’ve already ordered it off Amazon.

However, I’ve caught him on several occasions salivating over power tool reviews on DIY tool review site, DIY-High, and I’m certain that that helped him make the final decision on his table-saw choice. So naturally I’m using this website as the main basis for information for my secret gift to him of another woodworking tool that I know he also needs – a jigsaw.  After far too much reading (ouch!), It seems like a pretty easy decision as to which jigsaw to get for him for his secret Christmas gift, as the Dewalt-branded one is clearly the best … and unsurprisingly, the most expensive! – So looks like the decision on which jigsaw to get is an easy choice. However, if you have any other opinions – especially from all my woodworking expert friends – I would very much love to hear from you to let me know what you think of my choice and whether my picky husband is going to be happy with the Dewalt jigsaw, so don’t be shy to comment!