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Camp Rodeo

I have a gazillion vacation photos to sift through and write about.  In the meantime, the kids are settling into a summer routine.  On the menu this week is Camp Rodeo, a  neighborhood day camp organized by our church, Harbor Church, and World Impact.  Megan and Paul’s smiling red faces at the end of each day (yes, even with careful application of sunscreen) say it all.  Camp Rodeo is awesome.

One reason for the awesomeness are the high school summer interns, also from the neighborhood, who are serving as camp counselors.  I asked Paul what he thought of his counselor and he had this to say, “He didn’t yell at us.”  (Hmm, I hope that isn’t saying anything about mom…)  Seriously though, his counselor exhibits great character considering his six hour day with a rowdy bunch of six year old boys.  Thank you Camp Rodeo!

San Francisco

Before the clock strikes midnight I figure I owe you (okay, mostly my mom) an update from my San Francisco trip. Is it really almost July and was that trip really over a month ago? Hard to believe!

To refresh your memory (and mine) Adam and I whisked away to San Francisco in late May thanks to a too-good-to-pass-up fare sale with Southwest Airlines. While we left on a Friday morning and returned Saturday evening, it was a highly anticipated and equally rewarding time away as a couple. It also was our first time away without the kids since moving to California. Adam’s co-worker kindly agreed to watch the kids. Megan and Paul were not happy about the arrangement but quickly got over their disappointment of being left behind by getting to visit the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Adam and I happily boarded a plane to San Francisco for some much need R&R. To add a fun dimension to the trip, we booked a room at the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. The green tea mints at the reception desk were delightful as were the Japanese style screens and private sauna in our suite.

Adam and I had been to San Francisco once before, approximately ten years ago. We weren’t interested in repeating the expensive touristy traps but that didn’t mean that we did not put on our tourist hats. The most fun we had was riding the famous San Francisco cable cars. Our only agenda was to explore. The other thing we did the most of was walking. Phew, we tired ourselves out – especially with all the hills!

Here is what our weekend looked like: fly to San Francisco (fog delay), take train to hotel, walk/late lunch, walk/dinner, walk/breakfast with friends, hitch ride on cable car, walk/Lombard Street, ride trolley, lunch, take train to airport (flight delayed again), home again.

It’s been go, go, go since we returned, making me all the more grateful for our short time away.

May Gray & June Gloom

June Gloom

You may be under the impression that San Diego has perfect weather year-round.  Chances are then you have not heard of May gray & June gloom.  It’s a dirty little secret if you ask me.  During these two months the weather might be a perfect 68, minus sunshine.

June gloom has mentally thrown me for a loop.  In my mind June, the month of my birthday and wedding anniversary, is supposed to be warm (one might say muggy), with the occasional thunderstorm, and bursting with sunshine.

Not so much here in SoCal.  The redeeming factor for me is that there is always something in bloom on the ground to drown out the gray skies above.  This is a picture taken from my back yard.  A colorful treat in these parts are the purple-flowering Jacaranda trees.  They are literally everywhere and they make me happy (how could a purple tree not make you happy?).


Today was just what the doctor ordered. After the busyness of the past couple weeks, it felt good to ease back into my Saturday routine.

It had been several weeks since I’d returned to the mountain for my Saturday hiking routine. I see the mountain every day from my home and office. I am drawn to the mountain. I don’t know how to explain it. Hiking my way to the top is just something I enjoy. I see many of the same faces each week making the same pilgrimage.

Yesterday I invited Megan to join me. She quickly agreed. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to follow through because I didn’t foresee her waking up in time. She is our late-nighter and is last in the family to crawl out of bed. Megan proved me wrong by being the first one awake this morning. I was shocked that I had slept in past 7am. I can’t think of the last time I slept that “late”.

Hiking the mountain with just Megan was special. Paul is my momma’s boy and doesn’t often “allow” me to turn the attention away from him and towards Megan. We hiked up the mountain hand-in-hand while Megan kept the conversation flowing. I was surprised to learn that she was fearful of the height (more so on the trail than at the summit). She was delighted to reach the top, especially when she discovered that she could see Sea World. Going down Megan became less timid and we ran part of the way. Solo hikes may be a thing of the past (at least for a while). Spending time with Megan is totally worth it.

I Don’t Know Where To Begin

My last check-in was the week of Memorial Day.  Obviously, I haven’t done a good job of keeping my blog up to date.  I’m struggling now with where to begin.  Earlier in the week my friend Amy wrote to make sure I was okay.  I assured her that there was no cause for alarm.  During the past two weeks I have:

  • Flown to San Francisco for a crazy fun (but too short) weekend with Adam
  • Giggled with friends at a girls-only movie party
  • Celebrated the same-day birthdays of Adam and Erin (a friend) in Lucha Libre style
  • Experienced the wonder of the ocean through the wide eyes of our “adopted” African family
  • Become a year older
  • Run a  5k
  • Waited in line for burgers at Hodads
  • Gotten soaked at Sea World

Tide Pool Adventures…

I’m honored to have an article featured today as a guest post at Scribbit.  My article is about a favorite San Diego activity – exploring the tide pools at Cabrillo National Monument.

Michelle, the author of Scribbit, writes about her adventures as a mom in living in Alaska.  She always has great stories as well as recipes and craft ideas.  I think she is secretly hoping that my article sends some warm weather her way.